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Our Surgeons

Cosmetic surgeons are connected to a wide team of colleagues and specialists in other disciplines.

Our surgeons work as part of these highly qualified 'care teams' of healthcare professionals, who have extensive experience of this type of surgery and the necessary post-operative care.

Perhaps the most important link is that between consultant and anaesthetist.

You can feel confident in the qualifications and expertise of everyone involved in your care here.

Mr. James Colville, BSc, MSc, FRCS, FRCS (Plast)

Mrs. Sonja Cerovac, MD, MSc, FRCS (Plast)

Mr. David Gateley, MA(Cantab), MBBS(London), FRCS(Plastic Surgery)

Mr. Paul Harris BSc MD FRCS (Plast)

Mr. Barry Powell, MCh, MA, FRCS (Ed) FRCSE

Mark Soldin, MBChB FCS (SA) Plast, FRCS Plast