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What Next?

The Role of the General Practitioner

Meeting with your GP before approaching the hospital is a good idea because your GP can offer you general advice about surgery, and any particular health issues you should consider. Your surgeon will always encourage you to inform your GP about your intentions to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Our consultants will however be happy to see you without a GP referral. They will ask for your permission to write to your GP about the consultation and their findings. This is in accordance with the GMC guidelines for Good Clinical Practice.

To make an appointment to see a Consultant, please telephone the Outpatient Department on 020 8335 4678/9.

Your Surgical Journey

Every patient is different and St. Anthony's aims to provide a personalised service that caters for your individual needs.

  • You will have at least one pre-operative consultation with your consultant, which you can expect to cost in the region of £150-£180.
  • In line with the recommendations of BAPRAS you will have a period of 'cooling off' time between consultation and operation to think about your decision.
  • You will have at least one post-operative consultation with your consultant, and will benefit from ongoing post-operative care and contact with them as and when you need it.
  • Your consultant will be with you every step of the way on your surgical journey, placing the care you will receive at St Anthony's Hospital apart from many other private providers of cosmetic surgery.

"The initial consultation with your surgeon is the most important stage in your surgical journey."



In order that you have the best chance of a successful surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations from the offset.

  • Your surgeon will make sure that you understand about how the procedure may work for you.
  • Their priority is your wellbeing and they will be open and honest about the risks involved and realistic about the results that may be expected.
  • They will also give you written information to take away with you so that you feel as prepared as possible.
  • It is equally important that you fully understand your surgeon's advice. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on any matter.

"A direct and open rapport between surgeon and patient is crucial to the successful outcome of treatment. Good communication, transparency and trust are at the core of personalised medical care that meets the needs of the individual patient."