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Why go private

St Anthony's Hospital

The benefits of private healthcare can be seen in the level of care that St Anthony's delivers. Our friendly and welcoming atmosphere puts patients at their ease.

The surgeons and nurses have extensive experience. You can feel confident that you are in safe and very competent hands.

St Anthony's is a different sort of private hospital in a number of respects, providing very high quality healthcare in a calm and peaceful environment.


The unique ethos is underpinned by the comprehensive resources on site at St Anthony's Hospital.

  • With 91 beds, St Anthony's is larger than most private hospitals. We therefore have a higher than normal level of medical staff, to provide you with ongoing support and medical care.
  • St Anthony's Hospital considers a low infection rate highly important and every effort is made to maintain an excellent standard of cleanliness in all areas. For information on our infection control please click here.

St Anthony's Hospital is one of very few private hospitals able to offer Level 3 Intensive care in the event of a surgical complication.

  • This resource, which includes a resident anaesthetist and a team of on-call consultants, means that the hospital has full back-up should it be needed.
  • The ratio of 1:1 intensivist nurse to patient care gives you the added reassurance of knowing that such a high level of care is on hand should you need it.
  • For more information on critical care at St Anthony's please click here.